Bambini di Manina del Madagascar.

Since 2004, MAG has contributed to the construction of more than 20 schools to promote education and training in Madagascar.

MAG has been committed for years to effectively support a solidarity project in favour of the ONLUS: "I Bambini di Manina del Madagascar".

An ONLUS association, founded in 2004, I Bambini di Manina del Madagascar is committed to develop and improve education and health for the population of Nosy Be, an island in Madagascar, through the construction of schools and their organisation and commissioning.  

The first facilities accommodated 120 children, today there are more than 200 schools in Manina, with more than 12,000 children attending free of charge, as well as 250 teachers and school staff who have found work there.

Over the years, MAG has contributed to the construction of more than 20 schools, thanks to tangible support from numerous charitable initiatives designed for them.

Today every village in Nosy Be has its own school, from kindergarten to the last grade of primary school. All the children in the village have free access to the school and receive a supply of school materials which are free also. In addition, all teachers and technical and support staff are financially supported.

Below are the most recent achievements of the Manina non-profit organisation in the village of Nosy Be:

  • the "Community Secondary School", attended by more than 500 pupils;
  • the school canteen;  
  • the agricultural school, attended by 40 students, who are also provided with board and lodging;
  • literacy courses for adults, organised in the villages and in the city;
  • a literacy course for prisoners in Hell-Ville prison.

Manina's commitment does not stop at education but is also aimed at health care support. Field clinics are also supported, run by medical professionals who deal with health, hygiene and food emergencies on a day-to-day basis.

In 2008, Manina received the title of Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana per Meriti (Officer of the Italian Republic for Merit) from the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, in recognition of its long-standing social and humanitarian commitment. In his letter, the President of the Republic expressed not only his appreciation for the work carried out, but also wished Manina to continue its work with determination, thanks to Italian support.

In 2011 Manina received the title of "Officier de l'Ordre National de la Republique de Madagascar" from the President of the Republic of Madagascar.

How to help the Manina's children Onlus:
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