Health as a precious asset.

The supply chain of the health system is not only a network of industries, but it is also a system of protection for everyone.

The Italian healthcare system comprises a patchwork of public and private companies of different sizes, from small facilities to large hospital complexes to corporate networks of private clinics.

MAG also includes all those activities related to public health and hygiene and involving many different actors.

Recent experience, in terms of pandemics, has taught us that the coming years will increasingly involve various serious states of emergency and unforeseen situations. MAG, through Specialty Healthcare, is ready and available to support the public as well as the private sector with ad hoc products and economically viable coverage.

Specific services

  • Due Diligence in the field of insurance for Healthcare Companies;
  • Due Diligence on past claims and their valorisation;
  • Participation in Claims Evaluation Committee;
  • Risk Assessment in the field of  Clinical Risk (support to the Risk Manager for the management of risks through the definition of risk management regulations – in line with the company's strategic objectives);
  • Cyber risk analysis (support for defining and optimising the cyber risk system, based on international guidelines);
  • Privacy risk analysis;
  • Health Compliance (support for the design or revision of the compliance model  through methodologies  able to identify and assess the risk of non-compliance with reference standards and international best practices in the sector);
  • Advice on areas of improvement in occupational health and safety behaviour;
  • Environmental risk - (support for the assessment and management of environmental aspects, with identification of non-compliance with relevant regulatory standards).