Italian agriculture is a pillar of excellence worldwide. We live in and love this land: that's why we want to protect it and contribute to conserving the agricultural heritage of these valleys and hills.
Protecting our crops and farms, and defending them, for us is tantamount to safeguarding our roots but, more importantly, our future.

The Agrinsurance speciality deals with developing insurance coverage against weather events and protecting work in the fields against damage caused by atmospheric phenomena that can affect a farm's smooth running and growth.

Therefore, it targets all agricultural businesses, large or small, specialised in all types of crops.
Insuring crops against weather events provides a dual qualitative and quantitative benefit. On the one hand, it provides insurance coverage for loss of production because of adverse weather, while on the other, it reimburses lost earnings because of any shortcomings in crop quality.

The activities carried out vary from regulatory consultancy to risk assessment and ending with the placement of residual risks on the domestic and international insurance market.