Living today. The property as asset.

MAG is present in large investments in real estate development and in the ordinary and extraordinary management of these asset, up to the protection of the property.

For years we have been witnessing a revolution that involves rethinking the places we live in; from cities, to work and sharing environments, to private homes.

The Covid-19 crisis has caused huge financial damage to the sector, but it also represents a unique opportunity to accelerate the process of change that is already underway; to focus on the development of sustainable infrastructures, to use artificial intelligence technologies that make it possible to identify risks and opportunities much faster than current processes and avoid underestimating Cyber risks.

Responding with foresight to the current challenges in the real estate world will be the key to creating more resilient spaces and the financial recovery of the sector.

MAG, with the professionalism and experience of its specialists, is able to assist companies in the sector throughout the entire lifecycle of a real estate project, from the design of the property to its management.

Consolidated experience and know-how in Risk Management and Risk Placement consultancy allow MAG to provide Real Estate operators with specialised support to mitigate the frequency and impact of risks, protect assets and maintain business profitability.

Specific services

  • Mapping of process liabilities (verification of counterparty merit, regulatory compliance, extra project costs, etc.);
  • Due Diligence of contractual liabilities:
    • Property purchase contracts;
    • Third party property management contracts;
    • Financing contracts for property purchases;
    • Contracts with suppliers (maintenance, condominium management, etc.);
  • Technical and engineering due diligence (verification of physical security of buildings, fire prevention system);
  • Design, implementation and management of a Risk Management system;
  • Risk Placement:
    • Corporate Coverage: Professional Liability, D&O and Third Party Liability;
    • Property-specific coverage: All-Risks Real Estate, Building Management Liability, Loss of Rent;
    • Sureties during the sale of properties;
  • Claims Management.