Great projects for great visions.

Structural investments alongside large investments will be the assets by which the relaunch of the country will be fueled by.

In the months and years to come, the construction, infrastructure and major works sector will enjoy a period of great revival and investment. The country's recovery plan also includes the planning and implementation of major structural interventions that will substantially change the entire nation but also breathe life into a sector that has gone through a great deal of suffering.

Public and private buildings, rail and ship transport, security, water works and port infrastructures will be the items most affected.

In order to face these opportunities MAG has set up a team of specialists able to support Clients and Prospects in all the insurance aspects to be put in place for the correct and timely safeguarding of the projects, with particular regard to these fundamental phases:

  • Preparation of the Guarantees and Insurance Coverage articles to be included in the Contracts;
  • Definition and implementation of Surety Guarantees;
  • Definition and implementation of all contractual insurance policies;
  • Drafting of policy texts;
  • Management of any Claims.

Our range of products for the construction industry includes:

  • Coverage for the construction phase (CAR – EAR);
  • Delayed start of the operating phase (ALoP – DSU);
  • Posthumous coverage (Decennial Posthumous – RPO – Supply Warranty);
  • Transportation (Marine – Marine DSU);
  • Third Party Liability and Employee Liability (RCT-O);
  • Professional Liability (PI);
  • Environmental Liability (Pollution).