Thirty years of MAG experience.

Deep knowledge of the sector, operators, dynamics, and opportunities.

MAG has embraced the thirty years of experience of Marine&Aviation which, since its foundation, has been characterised by its aviation vocation and has become, over the years, one of the major players in the market.

It is for this reason that our professionals, even before being experts in the aeronautical insurance market, are specialists in the activities carried out by the operators in the sector (manufacturers, operators, maintainers, managers, etc.) and able to provide, on an exclusive basis, a series of essential services, among which we feel we should mention:

  • the process of verifying activities and analysing/mitigating all associated risks (based on a rigorous methodological approach, specific to each type of aeronautical operator);
  • technical-legal analysis and comparison with market standards of typical contracts in the aeronautical world (such as Dry Lease, ACMI, Code Share, Handling, Concessions, etc.) with particular reference to the provisions concerning division of responsibilities, granting of indemnities and insurance claims;
  • the support provided to clients during the damage assessment phases and the ability to interact with experts, including the more technical aspects (on several occasions we have been involved in managing particularly complex events, succeeding in protecting clients from significant economic consequences and contributing to mitigating related damage to image);
  • constant presence at the service of our clients and immediate assistance in case of need (an airline business, for example, operates around the clock 24/7).

The areas of intervention are:

  • airlines (scheduled, charter, helicopter fleets);
  • airport service management (handlers);
  • aircraft manufacturers (components, maintenance, repairs);
  • pilots and crew (accidents and loss of licence);
  • general aviation;
  • satellite production, launch and management.


Our services are available to all industry players, from large multinational airline owners to small private aircraft owners.

MAG services specifically dedicated to the Aviation sector include:

  • Risk Assessment;
  • Design and management of national and international insurance programmes;
  • Legal and contractual consultancy;
  • Claims management;
  • Insurance sector monitoring.