Support Public Administration.

Services, Advisory, consulting, and innovative solutions.

Within the Group, a Segment dedicated exclusively to "Public Bodies" has been implemented, consisting of highly qualified operators who deal exclusively with issues relating to the Public Administration.

Risk Assessment is the strategic phase of insurance brokerage. It takes shape with:

  • the Identification phase;
  • the Analysis phase;
  • the Evaluation phase;
  • finally, the Risk Quantification phase.

All the above activities will flow into a detailed report containing indications and suggestions for the control, reduction and transfer of risks to the insurance market, or to other solutions if more convenient.

In full respect of the roles and decision-making processes typical of a Public Body, MAG's daily service is aimed at:

  • developing a comprehensive risk analysis and transfer programme;
  • drawing up an  organic and rational insurance programme that takes into account the results of the risk management activity, as well as the decisions made on what and how to insure,  and the available budget;
  • drafting all the necessary documentation for carrying out policy procedures (notice or invitation letter, facsimiles of declarations and offers, specifications, technical specifications, etc.) and assistance in all phases of the tender;
  • constant monitoring and management of the insurance programme;
  • management of all claims with specific surveys of those falling within the deductible;
  • constant legislative and jurisprudential updating on insurance matters.

Quality Certification  

The MAG company is certified for quality purposes according to the UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 standard.


In the field of consulting services, there are some activities designed for the Public Entities sector:

  • estimation for insurance purposes of the Organisation's real estate and movable assets;
  • valuation of historical and artistic heritage for insurance purposes;
  • expert opinions;
  • management of damage to assets due to circulation of others;
  • second opinion;
  • claims advocacy;
  • self-insurance claims management (Self Insurance Retention);
  • focus on specific risks:
    • road risk analysis;
    • environmental risk analysis;
    • cyber risk analysis;
    • property risk analysis;
  • training for the Institution's staff;
  • advice on surety policies;
  • advice on issuing guarantees to be requested from third parties;
  • assistance in the employer's recourse action;
  • consultancy on the implementation of a flexible benefits programme;
  • software for real-time management and display of policies and claims.


MAG is one of the best-known benchmarks for personal insurance solutions. This is demonstrated by the large number of organisations that turn to our Company.

MAG has implemented a specific agreement dedicated to Public Administration employees and administrators for the "Gross Negligence" Personal Liability and Legal Protection policy with an easy-to-join application procedure, through the online platform, with low premiums and a wide range of available limits.