Corporate Welfare is the set of initiatives implemented by the employer to increase the welfare and social security of employees and their families (such as work-family balance, complementary pension schemes, supplementary health care, etc.).

The employee benefits programmes, which cover employee welfare and insurance, are an integral part of this. Improving the corporate climate, increasing employee retention, greater attractiveness of talent, higher worker productivity and the company's social responsibility towards the local community are some of the main benefits of corporate welfare.

MAG has set up a Practice dedicated to Corporate Welfare and Employee Benefits, to provide qualified support in the analysis, development and management of programmes and services dedicated to human capital and to define innovative and customisable solutions in cooperation with the leading insurance market and with specialised service providers for all types of companies, both Italian and foreign, of a small and medium-large size, in all business sectors.

The activities carried out vary from regulatory consultancy to risk assessment and ending with the placement of residual risks on the domestic and international insurance market.