Reinsure in order to guarantee.

Risk assessment, rapid response, and tangible results thanks to an international network based in continental markets and at Lloyd's of London for over 25 years.

In the Italian market the demand for services by insurance companies is increasingly sophisticated and requires effective reinsurance solutions to optimise capital and cover business segments governed by increasingly articulated risks.

MAG is able to offer the widest range of reinsurance capacity available, thanks also to its access to the main international players and to its presence in the Lloyd's market in London for over 25 years.

Making use of our in-house know-how and relying on the synergies deriving from the experience gained in the Italian market, in particular in the SME sector, our experts provide targeted advice on treaties and facultative products, even in niche sectors such as Fine Art or Aviation. Our placements stand out for risk assessment, speed of response and concrete results.