Global services and technologies to address the challenges of communication.

Communication will increasingly be the connective tissue for the great strategies of the future.

The ICT sector has reached innovative horizons in recent years and, above all, has produced global services and technologies. Aspects related to the innovation of hardware are becoming increasingly multidisciplinary, the production of advanced components is increasingly intertwined with the challenges of digital technology, giving us hybrid products where the digital is included in the same performance materials, giving rise to new questions with respect to the usual protection landscape.

Many-to-many technologies, synchronous and asynchronous service delivery modes, sharing, interaction, e-conferencing and e-learning platforms, but also the whole sector of services related to advanced software, are facing challenges that require innovative and scalable coverage commensurate with the speed of transformation of this sector.

All legal matters related to patents, intellectual property of source codes, technologies, the whole field of prototyping and intellectual property protection; the challenges of open source require a dedicated team that is constantly updated but, above all, has a visionary ability to foresee future horizons.

The extremely dynamic profile of this sector requires in-depth knowledge of current developments and keen anticipation of the risk exposures that may arise.

MAG's experts offer timely and comprehensive advice in all areas of risk management and insurance matters.