An operational, widespread and qualified network.

130 countries and 30 thousand professionals are a direct result of reputation, expertise and speed in handling national and international files.

MAG is able to support its clients' foreign operations thanks to its International Network present in over 130 countries and made up of over 30 thousand professionals.

MAG is one of the founders of the International Network, made up of Independent Brokers who are leaders in their own countries and share the same vision, values and modus operandi with MAG.

Thanks to its Network, MAG is able to independently choose the most suitable foreign broker to cooperate in the management of its customers' international programmes.

In addition to its own Network, MAG can count on a global partner of the calibre of A.J. Gallagher (one of the world's largest insurance brokers) for all international activities related to specific practices, such as Aviation, Construction, M&A etc.