From the field to the dining table, there is a protected supply chain.

The agricultural industry will continue to be a strategic sector for a globalizing world.

The agro-industrial sector is one of the strongest drivers of the world economy today. It encompasses the entire supply chain from field to table and includes not only the companies producing the fresh produce or the raw material, but also the entire processing chain – semi-finished and finished products at the counter – up to and including the large distribution chains.

Our Specialty Agrinsurance is made up of experts in various sectors, inspectors, and a large back-office team, all of whom offer their specific expertise to provide numerous sub-sector-specific services:

  • Farms;
  • Processing companies;
  • Large and small animal farms;
  • Logistics;
  • Large and small retailers;
  • Packaging;
  • Agricultural machinery;
  • Systems engineering for the food industry.

Specific services

Cover against adverse weather conditions. In close cooperation with a specialised intermediary, the company provides its customers with various insurance solutions for this type of event. Customers also receive a significant public contribution to help pay the corresponding insurance premiums. This covers various agricultural sectors such as viticulture, fruit growing, horticulture and arable farming in general.

Our specialisation also allows us to assess customised solutions with traditional and innovative products for particular customer needs relating to specific product types or production conditions.

Moreover, using dedicated software, we can collect the mandatory documentation through OTP signatures. This makes the purchasing process fast, secure and transparent.