Pride of Made in Italy.

Not only a product sector to be protected but an area in which increasingly high safety performance is required.

Technical and technological progress make the automotive industry one of the most complex industrial sectors to manage. Creating added value requires constant knowledge exchange and being continuously up to date on innovations.

Machine-to-machine communication, connected cars, predictive maintenance and the possibility of digitising the entire production cycle with digital twin solutions are just some of the innovations revolutionising the sector and that can bring enormous new growth opportunities, as well as increasingly harmful risks.

The growing demand for safer and more technologically advanced vehicles has led to a marked increase in the risk of defective vehicles being recalled, in the same way that the strong drive towards computerisation of industrial processes is increasingly exposing companies to cyber risks. In addition, rapid changes in pollution legislation and regulations may result in the risk of penalties for non-compliance.

MAG has many years of experience in risk management in the automotive industry, as shown by names that include some of the industry's leading national and international companies. MAG intends to make this know-how available to companies in the industry to help them manage potential threats through a wide variety of insurance and advisory solutions.