Scientific research and humanistic vision.

When scientific research and technological innovation put people at the center of the project.

The pharmaceutical, medical and bio-medical sectors are now central to research and development. Increasingly, this sector is being called upon to respond through increasingly sophisticated, high-performance and, above all, innovative research methods and processes. Scientific research goes hand in hand with the ability to produce technologies or preparations for pharmaceuticals, and often broad visions are necessary which must be matched by broad investments.

Complicated regulatory frameworks, potentially dangerous products for human health, environmental responsibility, and public attention are just some of the factors that make the pharmaceutical sector one of the most exposed to numerous and complex risk areas that, if not properly managed, could have negative repercussions that could compromise the value of the company.

To prevent such an occurrence, a periodic assessment of risk exposures must be carried out, made necessary by the constant evolution of the sector.  Potential changes (acquisition of companies, new production processes or plants, expansion into new markets, regulatory amendments) can lead to the emergence of new critical issues and changes to previous critical issues in terms of impact and frequency.

MAG has professionals who are able to support the industry through access to the best insurance solutions, helping to mitigate the frequency and impact of risks, protect assets and maintain business profitability.

MAG's customers include internationally renowned companies as well as many small and medium-sized local businesses.