Risk assessment as a strategic tool.

The right analysis means that Companies and Public Authorities can plan long-term business activities and meet day-to-day challenges with confidence.

For this delicate sector MAG offers the expertise of the professionals of MAG Consulting, a company specialised in Risk Management consulting services. The services are conceived and structured to help businesses and Public Bodies address the continuous challenges that are common to all business activities today.

Through the identification, analysis and assessment of risks, MAG Consulting is able to develop targeted solutions to control, mitigate and improve the management of business risks.


  • Risk Management System
  • Risk Assessment: through Insurance Risk Assessment activities, we intend to analyse the Company's current "Insurance Programme" aimed at:
    • Identifying, analysing and evaluating so-called "insurable risks", classifying them by Business Unit and/or Product;
    • Creating the basis for the continuous monitoring of identified risks, by developing a company-specific taxonomy of critical issues that reflects the specific features of the company's business and activity;
    • Verifying the completeness and adequacy of current insurance coverage;
    • Identifying any areas of insurable risk that are currently not covered or are under-insured;
    • Analysing any areas of partial or total self-insurance to see whether they should be transferred to the insurance market or other third parties (e.g. insurance obligation for suppliers or third parties in general);
    • Optimising the total cost of the insured risk.


  • Risk Assessment of Specific Risk Areas (Environment, Supply Chain, Product Liability)
  • ESG: Risk Assessment - Audit - Due Diligence - Report (Sustainability Report)
  • Contractual Liabilities Analysis
  • Insurance estimates
  • Analysis
  • Loss Prevention
  • C.O.P.E.
  • Occupational Health and Safety services
  • Corporate Organisation services
  • Privacy Consulting


  • Expert opinions
  • Claims Advocacy
  • Excess Claims Management
  • Active Claims Management