At MAG we believe in the value of enabling individuals and small business to take advantage of our professional expertise through the services provided by Specialty Affinity.
By Affinity group we are here referring to a set of subjects that are aligned in terms of their approach and all acknowledge a common denominator (the company, the Association they belong to, Institutions, etc.) called Sponsor.
MAG can provide customized solutions for a range of economic sectors (Utilities, Telcom, Large Scale Retail Trade, Mass Distribution, Associations, Sports Federations, Trade Unions, etc.) by integrating Insurance, Marketing and Legal know-how with state-of-the-art technological solutions.
Thanks to Affinity services, we support the Sponsor in:

  • enhancing the Sales Proposition by pairing their offer with insurance products/services that are consistent with their core business
  • creating a truly stand-out value proposition
  • in implementing an alternative source of revenue

The activities carried out vary from regulatory consultancy to risk assessment and ending with the placement of residual risks on the domestic and international insurance market.