The deposit policy (also known as a surety policy) provides a third party with the guarantee that the insured will meet its obligations under a contract or legal disposition, the insurance company safeguarding both the creditor and the obligatory relationship.

The insurance surety becomes an advantageous instrument as an alternative to the bank surety since:

  • it is not covered by Bank of Italy's Credit Rating Bureau;
  • the specific experience of MAG and of the Insurance Companies allows for "tailor-made" solutions to meet the needs of the Customers;
  • it financially supports the growth of the company as in most cases no provisions are required.


  • Public Tenders (provisional, definitive, advance payment, withholding tax);
  • Inland Revenue (VAT refund and other taxes, debt instalments);
  • Law 210, Urbanisation and construction charges;
  • Customs;
  • Cross-border;
  • Enrolment in Registers;
  • Environmental Authorisations;
  • Grants and Financing;
  • Contracts between private parties (correct performance, sale, lease, instalments).

The activities carried out vary from regulatory consultancy to risk assessment and ending with the placement of residual risks on the domestic and international insurance market.