The deposit policy (also known as a surety policy) provides a third party with the guarantee that the insured will meet its obligations under a contract or legal disposition, the insurance company safeguarding both the creditor and the obligatory relationship.

The insurance surety becomes an advantageous instrument as an alternative to the bank surety since:

  • it is not covered by Bank of Italy's Credit Rating Bureau;
  • the specific experience of MAG and of the Insurance Companies allows for "tailor-made" solutions to meet the needs of the Customers;
  • it financially supports the growth of the company as in most cases no provisions are required.


  • Public Tenders (provisional, definitive, advance payment, withholding tax);
  • Inland Revenue (VAT refund and other taxes, debt instalments);
  • Law 210, Urbanisation and construction charges;
  • Customs;
  • Cross-border;
  • Enrolment in Registers;
  • Environmental Authorisations;
  • Grants and Financing;
  • Contracts between private parties (correct performance, sale, lease, instalments).