MAG, a leader in the field of Valuables in Transit insurance, thanks to its acknowledged high level of expertise and consolidated relations with insurance markets specialised in the sector, can offer its customers a Valuables in Transit cover complete with all the insurance conditions needed by operators in the sector.

The policy proposed by MAG   is an all risks formula, protecting against all risks arising from the transport of valuables, including:

  • Theft and Robbery;
  • Fire;
  • Employee infidelity;
  • Loss and/or Unforeseeable Circumstances and/or Mysterious Disappearance;
  • Storage and Counting of Valuables;
  • Damage to Premises and Vehicles;
  • Depreciation Procedure, Fraudulent Negotiation, Reconstruction of Documents;
  • Safes/Atm with Third Parties.

The activities carried out vary from regulatory consultancy to risk assessment and ending with the placement of residual risks on the domestic and international insurance market.