Damage must not become a hardship.

Managing claims means relieving the client of economic, psychological and relational burdens.

MAG's strength is to provide the quality and dedication of service (ISO 9001/2015 certified) typical of a family business, while relying on an important and structured player, with claims management by Specialists and high-level computerised services.

MAG's team has the experience, market knowledge and right relationships to provide customised solutions, assisting Customers in defining the damages suffered and recovering the costs of restoring the pre-event situation, aware that a claim often spells out human and organisational hardships for the Customer's business.

Our aim is to protect the interests of our customers, and with the involvement of the insurance market, we aim to find the best way to settle claims, analysing all requests dating back to the history of the relationship.


  • Comprehensive assistance, from the claim phase to settlement
  • Customised claims management procedures
  • Workshops and employee training
  • Production of manuals and customised claim management templates
  • Advisory support from specialised law firms
  • Assistance in disputes with insurers: quantification of damages, preparation of technical documentation and support in understanding the dispute
  • Customised periodic reporting
  • Advice on how to handle claims
  • Assistance in claims management
  • Advice on the settlement of more complex claims.