The MAG "Character" (Font).

The Font MAG

MAG's font is not only transferred through its logotype, but it is also modulated through the declination of a specially designed font, GFT MAG, which any internal resource within the company can use to characterise its documents. All publishing entities, both online and offline, use it in the titles of their documents, to underline MAG's independence and Italian character.

Indeed, it was designed by Giangiorgio FUGA, a world-famous Italian type designer, with art direction by Daniela Piscitelli.

The starting suggestion was inspired by the painting "Angelus Novus" by Paul Klee: a figure that goes towards its future without forgetting its past.

The design of the graces therefore re-proposes this metaphor to emphasise MAG's identity as a company that has the strength to look to distant horizons while having solid roots.

This main font is juxtaposed with a second one, Titillium, for the current texts, which is configured as an open source resource, designed by the students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino within the Master of Visual Design Visual Fields, and under the Art Direction of Luciano Perondi, also an internationally renowned type designer, the coordination of Marcello Signorile and the design of the first prototype by Diego Giusti.

In short, an Italian identity, designed by Italian designers, for an Italian entrepreneurial group.