A coherent system to communicate our vision.

The System

The logotype, the square module inside it, the institutional font system, MAG and Titillium, and the coordinated colour palette support the entire communication system.

In particular, the square becomes the main element on which to build all the structural but also evocative systems, becoming a narrative element in all the communication: the square is Leonardo's, it is a space of possibilities, modular, scalable, crossable, customisable. As is MAG.

These elements are not juxtaposed with a single institutional colour, but with a palette of 12 different shades ranging from Pompeian red to the indigo blue of Raphael's paintings, once again underlining a precise cultural reference.

The logo, on the other hand, is categorically black. Sober, assertive, solid.

This system is accompanied by an iconographic choice that always favours dynamic shots and cuts. Large ensembles and fine details, again underlining the attention to small and large, the national, local dimension with an international, systemic vision.